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Winter fashion, a woman will have a few pairs, how many do you have?
The first paragraph: plus cashmere shoes

Lean and wild plus cashmere loafers have a pair of right and wrong, when the summer wear shallow mouth shoes will appear leggy, winter when the weather is cold, put on plus cashmere, warm performance and with the performance of clothes Are super high.

Second paragraph: fashion boots

Short boots are also very warm and stylish nike sale single product, with leggings and pantyhose are OK! If height is not enough, you can choose to have with the style.

Rough with wear completely tired, walking is also very good! The same color will make the whole match looks very comfortable. White-collar workers to work, you can wear this type of boots shorter cylinder. Looks more refined and generous Oh ~

cheap nikes The third paragraph: plus velvet Bullock shoes

Bullock shoes and Love shoes nike outlet relatively large difference is: more lace decoration. Design is more casual, but also more young. Pants and colored socks will be very Western style.

Fourth paragraph: Martin boots

There is the warmth of snow boots, as well as the comfort and handsome Bullock shoes, as well as the lovers shoes wild, which is nice and good to wear Martin boots!

If you want to make up for the height of the problem, you can choose to have the Martin boots, so Martin boots are also handsome and intellectual! Pointed Martin boots will appear longer legs will also appear smaller feet Oh ~

Fifth paragraph: knee boots

Big leggy sister essential, but also a small sister is also able to control the style. In fact, knee-length boots as long as the choice of sticking style, modified legs from the line is very powerful. A lot of legs are not very good sister to wear this kind of boots, leg lines immediately become very good look! Winter to prepare a pair of boots, modified leg type one hundred!