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Winter dress how to match shoes? Do not wear it wrong, but spicy eyes can be wrong
Autumn and winter skirts to wear good-looking, light-selected models and cheap nike shoes with a good internal and external ride is not enough, and sometimes obviously well with a good, but it seems strange where the problem may be out in the shoes, there are doubts The fairy can look at the previous tweets with different skirts with what kind of boots best look? How to wear a good dress with a pair of shoes, here involves two issues: the shoes of the election and color matching, to say the following to enter the topic below.

Ultra-fashion boots

Booties are considered to be with any skirt with a decent style of shoes, although a lot of shorts, but one of the most classic wild black shoes. Xiaobian think Zara's black shoes are very engaging, with any skirt are not pick anything wrong. Booties well, wearing a spring and winter basically no problem in the three quarters, in the cold winter can also choose lining velvet boots, wear comfort and fashion are very fancy, and these kinds of shoes are not pick people, height and fat Skinny wear goes without saying.

Knee boots + skirts

nike shoes on sale Over knee boots have always been black nike shoes very popular fairy, warm, mention the gas field, legs were leg length, set all the advantages of a knee boots is the most pick of a kind of shoes, recommended knee boots and short skirts With, so it will not be so difficult to control. But in this year's trendy people like to use the long skirt with knee boots, perhaps to show legs? Anyway, Xiaobian think this match is too procrastinate, thick leg legs Fairy do not try.

Do not choose the wrong style

The classic autumn and winter shoes undoubtedly Martin boots, Carrefour shoes, socks shoes are only two years before the fire up the style, as sports shoes, the most common is the small white shoes, is simply a small black dress sportswear sector. First talk about Martin boots, the most wild section is black, street shots can often be seen. In addition to plush slippers, Gucci this year, the flagship of pearls decorated Carrefour shoes is the new darling of the fashion industry, comfortable and stable feet, with pleated skirt gives a sense of elegance and extravagance.