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What are the little white shoes that cheap nikes girls like?
White shoes are a timeless shoe that will not be outdated when a shoe, but also won a lot of sister's favorite. Small white shoes can be said to be very wild shoes, whether it is with pants or with a skirt are very nice. So this spring can not be less white shoes, how to wear no error. If small white shoes with these 3 pants, who wear thin and good-looking, fashion and trendy.

White shoes + jeans

Jeans with small white shoes can be considered a classic, but with a stylish combination at any time, it looks young and dynamic, sexy, small and fresh, really comfortable and stylish. Jeans choose nine feet pants will look very nike factory store slender, looks very good, exposed exquisite ankle is also very trendy. If you have a bad leg, you can choose straight jeans, which look straight and high and very trendy.

White shoes + sweatpants

Sports pants with small white shoes is a very stylish casual wear, many girls have a personality like to wear this cheap nike sneakers dress, it looks casual and stylish. The fringe of the trousers can raise the leg line, which looks especially thin and high. Loose sports pants can also cover the insufficiency of the leg type, and the small thick legs are not visible. If coupled with leisure and wild white shoes, more casual flavor, street or sports are very convenient.

nike air max White shoes + wide leg pants

Wide leg pants we all know that it is very legless, especially in recent years, has been enduring, a very popular pants, won the favor of the majority of women, and dressed up neat atmosphere, the gospel of the goddess, Suitable for girls who want to have a convex field. With small white shoes, in the free and easy in the free and easy, showing a casual lazy feminine, was significantly higher, highlighting a good figure.