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Want to highlight the overall shape, with the shoes can not careless
First, boots

There are so many different types of boots. The most common styles are as follows: the ankle boots - the ankles at the ankle boots; the booties - longer than the ankle boots and below the calf; and the knee Boots - Positioned at the knee, also known as high boots; Over knee boots - High knee position. If by style, there are familiar Chelsea boots, Oxford boots, Martin boots, snow boots, knight boots and so on.

In the choice of boots or knee-high boots, it is best to choose simple models without extra decoration, the legs can be well modified lines, and will look even more thin ~

If you lower the calf, you can choose short boots or ankle boots, such as Chelsea boots, snow boots, attention to wear short boots with pants, it is best to roll up the pants or reveal a little calf, so the proportion will look better ~

When you do not know what to wear when the Martin boots will be a good choice, cheap nike shoes because it can not only easily control a variety of pants, at the same time warm wind, very handsome.

Second, high-heeled shoes

Small girls if you want to look a little higher, in addition to more style in the clothes on the effort, you can also take advantage of high heels. In some more formal occasions, high heels will make people look more mature, it is best exposed foot and ankle shoes style, because it can extend the visual length of the legs, to achieve significant high visual effects.

Third, Love shoes

With casual and comfortable, elegant and stylish, common with casual dress up, and now the weather is getting cold, you can also use Loafers with color suitable socks to increase the overall shape of the chic sense.

Fourth, sports shoes

Comfortable and trendy, all seasons popular sports shoes, of course, to introduce the finale. As a wild shoes, no matter what style of dress, you can all black nike shoes step on a pair of go out.

nike shox clearance Small white shoes never diminished, all brands have also introduced different colors and styles.

Shoes and clothes, like the need for different occasions to do different collocation, the same dress, with different shoes may appear completely different effect of wear, so we still have to pay attention to some collocation when wearing nike shop minefields.