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This summer, 5 pairs of sandals to wear, you ready?
Dress is very important, but a pair of nice and comfortable shoes can make your temperament with a hundred times, there are many people have a quirk: "see people look at the shoes." Xiao Bian is such a person, a person's shoes can represent the taste of this person, of course, if you look good shoes, but you can nike clearance store also add a lot of clean, this summer you have not prepared for their own sandals The

One word shoes

One word shoes is the simplest design, but why stars love to wear it, because the small series has been stressed that the simple is the most fashionable wear, life is plain! Sandals who wear good-looking, with skirts / pants are summer good choice, my sister do not feel feet fat wearing a word sandals do not look good, foot nike air max fat fat feet solution, thick with broadband enough for fat Sister ~ ~ ~

V shoes

V shoes are mainly vamp was "V" design, the appearance of some small retro, but also because of the strength of the reasons for high, it is now more and more fire. Suitable for any age group of people, now popular retro, but in nike running shoes the street will inevitably and aunt who "hit shoes" Oh ~ ~ ~ sharp + V mouth is not only high is also handsome, often someone asked the feet too wide to wear what shoes, In fact, the design of the V port is also the visual effect of the foot looks thin, deep mouth wrapped in a large area of ??the foot, so that at least half of the wide feet.

Muller shoes

Fashionable and lazy, with the nature but chic, with their capability, shopping, travel must be the first to vote for it, as long as the clothes with the appropriate gas field is also a bar! Muller slippers are also in the fashion circle completely occupied the hills, more and more people agree with its charm. All year round are popular, Di Li Juba embroidery Muller shoes is really meteor to next year!

Cat heels

Fine height of 3-5cm or so, this height is like the cat tiptoe to walk the height, so was translated as cat heels. Both fine elegant shoes, and do not have to endure the torture of high heels, the United States and not tired feet. A little black dress and cat with the shoes with the popular so far, wearing a wardrobe are all ah! The The

cheap nike shoes Roman shoes

This pair of flat-bottomed Roman shoes and tie elements combined with a tassel skirt and white T, the perfect match, the distribution of women's extreme temptation ~ This pair of Roman shoes adults and children students are suitable for wear, this summer must not miss Such a pair of Roman sandals. In this hot weather, how little get hot pants it? Shorts + Roman shoes, to sweep the streets together! The style of these shoes really amazing, absolutely concave shape of the necessary weapon Oh! You prepared a few pairs of it? If not, and quickly the style to a pair of it ~ ~ ~