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This 4 pairs of shoes, 20-40 years old women can wear!
Basic shoes not only look good, but also have no restrictions on age levels. A pair of qualified basic models are comfortable, practical and versatile! But comfort is the most important, just like hairstyle. It is the most suitable for you.

cheap nike air max If you have a pair of shoes with a good face value, wear a day and discount nike shoes wear your blood on your heel. Will you like it? So daily wear shoes must be practical, to be able to match with different types of clothes. The following Xiao Bian talks about the pairs of shoes that every woman needs!

Sharp high heel

Stiletto heels are generally shallow mouth designs that modify your legs and look more slender. The style is simple and generous. No matter what occasion you are wearing, you can hold it perfectly. Office workers can wear formal dresses and are nike factory store capable and temperament; matching jeans can reduce the sense of randomness that cowboys bring. It is very intellectual.

Lok Fu shoes

If you are pursuing comfort, then Lofo footwear must be your best choice, on the comfort of the foot, even if you walk a long way will not be nike air max tired, with clothes is also great. So, Lofo Shoes can get so many sister paper's favor~

Chelsea boots

In the past, I believe that girls wearing Chelsea boots with bare legs in the summer can maximize their leg lines! Combine with a tights or roll up the trouser legs of jeans, slim and high!

Oxford shoes

Who says Oxford shoes can only be worn by men? Girls can also wear very cool! So the fashion circle also blew up an Oxford shoe style. Oxford shoes with workplace services, the whole look is particularly competent and stylish. Holiday shopping, shirt + jeans + Oxford shoes, simple and comfortable, but appropriate.