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Thirty-six variable flat shoes, you get to the skills of it?
In addition to a lot of more formal occasions, Xiaobian generally choose to comfortable and personality of the flat shoes out of the street, the sauce will not be tired for a long time Oh ~ so, in order to facilitate the small fairies can also get a good Flat shoes with skills, Xiao Bian specially summed up my years of wear experience, prepared the following several flat shoes with leisure look ~

1. hit the color lazy shoes + fake two pieces of dress = fresh vitality look

cheap nike basketball shoes Bling bling the upper stitching, instantly lit the overall wear, to be decorated with metal buckle, but also a few points to the fashion feel, and a pedal design, convenient and no lack of beauty where, with thick bottom with, But also invisible among the overall proportion of elongated oh ~

2. diamond casual shoes + metal T-shirt dress = cool fashion nike sale feel

The first layer of leather upper to be diamond studs composed of star pattern embellishment, very fresh and simple ~ soles also do threading treatment, and then cheap nikes with a transparent tendon at the end, hin have characteristics Oh ~ give a very cool feeling, Is the best choice for the street Oh ~

3. College half slippers + two wear straps = retro style style

Simple and generous overall design, to a single color of the embellishment, showing a thick college style ~ and half of the slippers of the design, both to facilitate our wear, but also a kind of fashionable feel, and then with Comfortable nike outlet online flat, how to wear are not tired Oh ~

Can wear a pair of retro straps pants, so that we can freely switch their style of wearing Oh ~ in front of a large capacity of the trapezoidal pockets, you can place some small objects, while the other side is the button plus open placket, with The top of the box is stitching, even a little bit of playful, this time we can put on a pair of simple half slippers, easy interpretation of the retro style style ~