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Summer dress shoes wearing a blog!
Summer comes, dress on the overwhelming to us coming, the style changeable, fashion mix and match, give you the right to choose freely. Chiffon skirt, print skirt, denim skirt, shirt skirt, dress skirt, miniskirt, sleeveless skirt ... too numerous to mention. No matter how varied the style, the total escape from the "dress" Tathagata palm.

discount nike shoes As the saying goes: good horse with a good saddle. Then there is a beautiful dress, the shoes with how it is also a little tangled Oh. Buy shoes for women is an endless thing, to know a pair of fashionable beauty is also walking tired black nike shoes shoes, for women who simply means the best to enjoy. In addition to put on the light of the thin clothing, a decent and stylish shoes, but also for the overall shape of a lot of extra points ~ with the dress of the shoes in the end what are good to take a single product, let's take a look!

1. Muller shoes

This looks like a pair of shoes or music shoes, and will be exposed to the heel out of the shoe design, not only will be more comfortable and comfortable for summer wear, and commute leisure correct, wild good and reveals a free The trend of fashionable tone. And dress group cp, both can wear a lazy random romantic style, but also make your skirt look look very texture. Definitely this spring and summer can not miss the perfect match.

Flat sandals

Summer appearance of the highest rate of shoes is a single product of all sandals, and dress group cp, is the standard out of daily travel and vacation travel of choice. Simple and elegant style, and can also set off your feet more slender slender, which inadvertently stretched your leg lines in the visual, was significantly thin effect outstanding.

3. sports shoes

Sports shoes + dress mix and match routines are naturally no stranger, casual neutral style shoes can be and some dress to give people a sweet or formal sense, so that your look with the look is more natural, full of vitality and vitality. The most wild is a natural small white shoes, you can play with all your dress mix and match.

Ballet shoes

If you like elegant ladies style, then the same wild ballet shoes will undoubtedly be your best choice. With a short paragraph dress, sweet and fresh love. With a long skirt is gentle and rich temperament, piercing elegant goddess Fan.

5. Lok Fu shoes

Carrefour shoes represent a group of people who have leisurely attitude towards life, wear music shoes, your bones are a trace of French lazy and elegant. And with the music blessing shoes to match dress, you can add a bit of British style of the wind, so that your shape is full of retro style, elegant and charming.

6. Tie shoes

In recent years, hot shoes, but also with the dress is very good fit, you can wear out full of feminine. However, because the strap shoes themselves are more sense of design, it is more recommended with some relatively simple dress, with a tie shoes as a highlight of the shape. But the tie shoes is relatively more picking style, if you are not tall or relatively thick legs, do not try too complicated strap shoes, or will appear nike sneakers your legs shorter and thicker.