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Suitable for wearing a v-neck dress, with these pairs of shoes, full of artistic atmosphere!
Like to wear a dress sister paper do not miss it! The following Lai Er to share with you a few 2018 is very popular v-neck dress, put on a very thin it, with these pairs of shoes more beautiful and more fashionable!

White shoes

In 2018 the most popular wear floral dress, the spring and summer season can wear style, black background, classic yet classic, V-neck design, slightly exposed collarbone, very sexy, but also just right neck line To modify, waist design, wear on the body is a significant figure, was thin, chiffon fabric, upper body is nike shoes more comfortable, simple with a pair of white sports shoes like, completely no sense of violation, more beautiful and more fashionable ~

It is a small floral design V-neck dress, but this is a sling style, loose skirt type, feel not to pick lebron james shoes a body to wear, it is not only thin cover meat, wrinkle design at the skirt added Beauty, casually with a white short-sleeved t is very nice, full of literary atmosphere, but also by age, the same choice of a pair of white sports shoes on the line!

canvas shoes

This kind of sling style skirt is better than the ones that are beautiful, and it is not difficult to match. The style of the V collar design can skillfully modify the upper body's lines, neck, face, etc. In addition, the skirt type Some straight loose, fat and thin can wear, simply with a solid color t-shirt on OK, good-looking no sei! Matching shoes can choose such a pair of canvas shoes, followed by a strong sense of academy! Is it fashionable to wear it so beautiful?

Flat shoes

cheap nikes Very popular V-neck dresses in 2018, wearing a very thin effect, romantic print to create, plus transparent mesh stitching, this nike outlet skirt feels wear special beauty, there is a kind of non-ignorable fairy sense , V-neck design, will be able to stretch the neck line instantly, the speaker sleeve, but for the thick arm of the sister paper is a big advantage, the foot to choose a pair of white flat shoes on the line, simple beauty, comfortable beauty!

In the summer, wearing a good fried chicken, young girls full breath, blue V-neck vertical striped dress, put on a very thin style, take a simple white short-sleeved t, and then look good, however, Shoes can be selected as a pair of black flat shoes, very good!