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Six pairs of denim skirt how to wear shoes with fashion wear
1, lotus leaf denim skirt

White palace wind chiffon shirt + lotus leaf denim skirt + tie small white shoes, a deep and shallow two colors nike shoes on sale with MM in the body, was thin, or a particularly stylish and elegant with a oh Oh.

nike outlet online 2, tassel cowboy package hip skirt

Bright color T-shirt + irregular tassel skirt + camouflage jacket + black high-heeled boots, cool irregular tassel skirt is to match the same cool black high-heeled boots Oh, the overall color mix and match street fashion trend, mix and match Art to play is fashion up to people oh ~

3, irregular denim skirt

Striped shirt + irregular denim skirt + light green coat + black and white fight color fisherman shoes, the overall color of the mix and match, brought a kind of fashion retro fashion, irregular shape of the denim skirt with black and white hit the color of the fisherman shoes, fashion Leisure, super suitable for MM to play outside when playing Oh!

4, high waist strap denim skirt

In the sleeve printed T-shirt + blue high waist strap + black lebron 13 sandals, a cool cool equipment, no longer have to worry about the summer was hot faint ~ strap with a pair of sandals, nike shox must be this rough Oh, if the sandals too Ladies, the overall feeling with the strange will be, and there will be no kind of fashionable temperament Oh ~

5, cowboy pencil skirt

Blue denim shirt + open denim pencil skirt + black belt + nude color high-heeled sandals, this is a sexy OL fashion with Oh, intellectual blue half-length denim skirt into the split design, this small sexy half skirt The most suitable for feminine full of nude color high heels Oh, this will make MM feminine doubled increase Oh.

6, single-breasted denim skirt

Sea and land wind blue and white striped T-shirt + single-breasted denim skirt + blue fine high-heeled boots, fine high-heeled boots full of MM's feminine hair out, so you easily turned fashion OL girl Oh ~