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Popular five pairs of shoes this winter, many people do not know
Small shoes

nike clearance Many MM may be because of the cold, so will go to choose high boots, in fact, small shoes are also warm, choose plus velvet or with thick pile of stockings, both comfortable, but also protect the ankle area, with a variety of Trousers dresses are not to mention!

Boken shoes

People who walk through the Borken shoes know that their three-dimensional footbed makes them hard to wear when they first get worn, and their feet can be sore, but for a week or so it's magical that makes you feel like stepping on the beach while its simple, Design, nike free 5.0 but also won the stylish welcome. With the same, lebron james shoes with a small leather shoes, with a variety of piles of socks, long skirts can be half-length, put on coat, less the formal sense of shoes, but without losing the high-end atmosphere of leather feel.

< retro casual shoes

Super popular shoes in previous years was undoubtedly a small white shoes, this year can no longer be its home, with classic three bars and ginger and other retro elements of casual shoes has quietly cheap nikes pop up, with white piles of stockings + A word skirt, literary and artistic retro College wind came out.

锟斤拷 Dad shoes

The appearance of clumsy and full of retro atmosphere, which is Daddy shoes, but this year's popular models, flip influx of people or Star Street beat map, 10 pairs of 5 pairs are Daddy shoes.

In fact, I think a lot of fairy daddy shoes do not come to control or not to enjoy, do not like, or ordinary simple sports shoes more suitable for us, with a variety of trousers plus sweater, young and energetic girl power full.

socks shoes

Sock shoes is the ankle above the neck is the design of elastic socks, mostly black, finely modified calf lines, so that the legs more slender, but the premise is that your ankle itself fine enough, or socks neck propped up is quite awkward.