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Pants with six kinds of shoes fashion and comfortable
Speaking of summer, nike outlet store the most comfortable and cool to wear, and ultimately, ultimately, T-shirt + shorts CP combination. Not like a dress as very nike air max ladies, and do not have to wear pants as hot. Five pants can show girls handsome neat side of the fashion trend.

One: five pants + high heels

Five pants to match what shoes look good, in many people's eyes are pants are casual representatives, that pants only fit with canvas shoes flat shoes, in fact, pants can also be used with high heels Oh. With a pair of high-heeled sandals, showing ankle between the sexy, more calf slender. In addition to thin long high heels, thick and wedge heels are also pants "good partner" Oh. Thick and high heel height of the height of the waterproof platform, so that the legs, especially the legs of the girls tend to pay off the trouble, set off the slender legs.

Two: five pants + sports shoes

For sloppy pants, with high heels is a good choice, but for loose version of the type of casual pants with a pair of sports shoes is more appropriate. Casual loose pants and sports shoes nike clearance with, wear out the youthful vitality and fashion tide.

nike shox clearance Three: five pants + word drag

In the summer wearing a loose pants + flip is indeed a very good choice, home free to enjoy the summer. Wearing a flip flop, loose shorts + T-shirt in the evening is very walking in the river walk, quietly enjoy the summer wind brought cool. Is also very comfortable.

Four: five pants + flat shoes

If you like elegant lady style, then, with pants with ladies flat shoes is very suitable for Oh Knee pants with ladies flat shoes, not only can highlight the proportion of your body, even if the work is no problem wearing.