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Package hip skirt with what shoes look better these ways you can try
High waist irregular hem half skirt + bright cloth high heels

This a package hip skirt is used on the width and width of the narrow version, making the skirt can well highlight the hip curve. At the same time, high-waist design can also cover the waist fat, not only was thin and particularly high. Package hem skirt hem, the use of irregular lotus-shaped, as a whole to add a sense of three-dimensional and sexy wind.

This pair of glittering high heels it uses a shiny cloth design, put on not only comfortable foot, but also particularly eye-catching. Fine with the design so that shoes can be well modified foot and calf curve.

Black elastic bag hip Lotus skirt + red pointed high heels

That black waist lotus skirt package skirt special self-cultivation. So after wearing not only thin but also slim, but it's more sexy flounced design adds flavor.

nike clearance store This pair of red buckle high heels, the color is particularly beautiful. Coupled with a black above this lotus leaf package hip skirt, especially to bring temperament. Red high-heeled shoes small and exquisite and charming, both sides are hollow style, can better change the body nike clearance store proportions, lengthen the visual effects. In particular, significant significant significant thin leg length.

Temperament cross lotus leaf package hip skirt + suede simple thin heel shoes

Skirt is a tall waist was thin version, the length just in the knee, through the lotus leaf embellishment looks special like a fairy tale mermaid. The entire skirt uses a cross design, making the skirt look full three-dimensional, and more stylish.

Shoes are particularly simple and classic suede shoes, in its upper does not add any extra decoration and embellishment, looks very low key. Exquisite upper and classic suede makes the whole pair of shoes look very elegant elegance temperament. Coupled with this on top of this elegant lotus leaf package hip dress can bring out nike air max a woman's charming and sexy.