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No matter how beautiful with clothes, choose the right shoes is also important
For love you fashion, just how the United States with 10,000 costumes, shoes with a bad, bright and beautiful you still a few things. You love to wear flat shoes, high heels shoes, summer, but then what to wear to wear a cold winter? However, what kind of shoes for your legs type? What kind of boots to wear and thin?

Boots is the most essential autumn and winter of a single product. However, a wide range of boots, according to the length of there and bare boots, boots, boots, knee-high boots ... Then Xiaobian today to talk to you what kind of legs should wear what kind of boots, in order to be nike shoes cold Winter also beautiful new height.

NO.1 stylish bottom Martin boots

The length of Martin boots is just barefoot position, the wise step is to stretch the calf lines, to deceive the purpose of the public. However, when wearing this kind of boots, with a pair of pants is the most appropriate, exposing a small cut, a sense of hierarchy will look better Oh.

The material of the boots is very strong and flexible, the first layer of leather, 3cm thick rubber sole and not heavy, and super wear-resistant, is a pair of worn boots. And boots will be with your foot shape change, the longer worn but more to give off the retro taste Oh.

NO.2 stretch boots high-heeled boots

Thick thigh but calf can also be the best sister paper to nike outlet wear short boots, a little nike factory store loose straight pants + boots, lean to incredible. Xiaobian introduced before the grid skirt, with short boots look very clever, and half skirts can also steal a few autumn pants, who can see? You also need to be afraid of the cold in winter?

nike air max NO.3 British side zipper high boots

O-leg sister paper generally speaking, as long as the bare boots to avoid, try the stack effect high boots. Its slightly loose stacking helps you to optimize your leg shape, while tough, leather-like lines help to reduce leg flexing and make your thighs look more compact and straightforward.

NO.4 sexy stovepipe stretch knee boots

Over knee boots seem to be worn every year, so this year we try the higher, more stickers wear it. Let boots like socks, close to the entire leg, with a short shirt, shorts to wear. Or use the waistband to raise the waist line, make the visual shift, create the perfect ratio, stretch the leg type, and divide the minute legs into one meter and two pieces of wood.