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Mary Jane shoes to make you retro fashion throughout the summer to control different styles
If you do not like lace-up winding, and tired of the blessing of music shoes, it would be better to wear a pair of retro and sweet Mary Jane Mary Jane shoes to chic through this summer. Mary Jane shoes is a century-old shoes, it is retro and stylish, can be used with different clothing, you can also control the different styles to see how the fashionable fine who wear.

In general, there is a foot on the shoes of the rounds of the first foot of the foot-foot high-heeled shoes, commonly known as Mary Jane shoes, especially those with low heel, round face, ankle buckle tie-style shoes, style a bit like a child to participate in choral competition The black shoes. The shoelace is the main element of its design, the material is usually black patent leather. Today, the fashion improved, Mary Jane shoes, the color is more abundant, the material is also more wide, canvas or lambskin are there.

Pointed to Mary Jane

Mary Jane shoes is really too fire, almost out of the street at any time to see its shadow, especially this improved more modern sense of the pointed Mary Jane shoes. People often wear Mary Jane shoes, whether flat or high heel, mostly to look nike shoes for sale like the tip of the toe. Or in the toe to do decoration, live in shoelaces to do decoration, or heel.

White shoes this year, especially popular, as well as the lace on the ring design to nike free run give the overall luster.

High-profile Mary Jane

In the re-interpretation of the Mary Jane shoes, high-profile Mary Jane is the most common, but also very popular with people's favorite.

Not too high rough heel is the best to wear, in the thick heel is also the best black ride Wear pants with such shoes look competent, wearing a short skirt with a more girl feeling.

Marble Jane of multiple shoelaces

discount nike shoes Since a lot of Mary Jane shoes are high-heeled, the designers will take advantage of the shoes to add a fixed tape, along the instep and ankle support the heel, a variety of changes for the Mary Jane shoes more fashionable sense.

Strap with Mary Jane

Mary Jane shoes contemporary design, the original single band into a strap is a very important feature, even more cute.