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Jeans with these 5 pairs nike shoes on sale of shoes will make your style more fashionable!
nike air max I believe that every female student will have a pair of jeans. Pairing these 5 pairs of shoes will make you look more fashionable and continue to look at the matching of jeans.

Rolled trousers jeans + striped slippers

With 1, summer is coming, then choose a pair of jeans with a rolled trousers, and then with striped slippers, so comfortable and good-looking wear combination, and then for the spring and summer festival, however, this concave shape is also super-ageing, ultra-stylish.

Feet jeans + brown slippers

With 2 feet jeans to wear is super-thin, you can perfectly modify your legs, let you become thin, with a very comfortable brown slippers, give you cheap nike shoes the most comfortable feeling, the entire shape also followed a stylish Oh.

Straight jeans + small white shoes

With 3, with a small white shoes will become different, there is the same wood with Vicki feel? This all black nike shoes straight-lined jeans is not a leg-type trousers, and with this popular white shoes this year, you want to become fashionable so simple ~

Wide leg jeans + strap high heels

With 4, each woman is inseparable from high heels, because the high heels will give the girls an elegant temperament, then choose this cowboy wide leg pants, with straps high heels and then fit, will make your entire shape become fashionable , become more feminine ~

Split jeans + sneakers

With 5, although the jeans are very wild pants version, but this open-design pants, is still the tide, then with white sports shoes, gives you not only comfort, but also fashionable feel~

Pairing jeans with more than 5 pairs of shoes will make the styling more fashionable.