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  • Want to highlight the overall shape, with the shoes can not careless
    First, boots

    There are so many different types of boots. The most common styles are as follows: the ankle boots - the ankles at the ankle boots; the booties - longer than the ankle boots and below the calf; and the knee Boots - Positioned at the knee, also known as high boots; Over knee boots - High knee position. If by style, there are familiar Chelsea boots, Oxford boots, Martin boots, snow boots, knight boots and so on.

    In the choice of boots or knee-high boots, it is best to choose simple models without extra decoration, the legs can be well modified lines, and will look even more thin ~

    If you lower the calf, you can choose short boots or ankle boots, such as Chelsea boots, snow boots, attention to wear short boots with pants, it is best to roll up the pants or reveal a little calf, so the proportion will look better ~

    When you do not know what to wear when the Martin boots will be a good choice, cheap nike shoes because it can not only easily control a variety of pants, at the same time warm wind, very handsome.

    Second, high-heeled shoes

    Small girls if you want to look a little higher, in addition to more style in the clothes on the effort, you can also take advantage of high heels. In some more formal occasions, high heels will make people look more mature, it is best exposed foot and ankle shoes style, because it can extend the visual length of the legs, to achieve significant high visual effects.

    Third, Love shoes

    With casual and comfortable, elegant and stylish, common with casual dress up, and now the weather is getting cold, you can also use Loafers with color suitable socks to increase the overall shape of the chic sense.

    Fourth, sports shoes

    Comfortable and trendy, all seasons popular sports shoes, of course, to introduce the finale. As a wild shoes, no matter what style of dress, you can all black nike shoes step on a pair of go out.

    nike shox clearance Small white shoes never diminished, all brands have also introduced different colors and styles.

    Shoes and clothes, like the need for different occasions to do different collocation, the same dress, with different shoes may appear completely different effect of wear, so we still have to pay attention to some collocation when wearing nike shop minefields.

    2017-11-22 09:41:37
  • Small white shoes out of new friends, fashion is not tired, very wild
    Small shoes white shoes

    Small white shoes have always been the standard girl, a pair of comfortable and simple little white shoes no matter what time will not be outdated, white shoes to wear good looking in the body, white people black nike shoes were clean.

    Small shoes white shoes

    Small white shoes to wear on the body look good, white people were clean. Color is very dynamic cheap nike air max with it, it is very good, oh.

    New wild shoes

    Autumn high canvas shoes high white shoes, classic white shoes, more piercing the goddess charm. Whether it is fresh and lovely, or mature and stable, small white shoes can nike discount store easily manage.

    New wild shoes

    The absolute tide, the absolute movement style, so that you instantly become goddess style, looks very on the grade, feeling particularly comfortable on the foot.

    Casual shoes white shoes

    The material is particularly good, the overall effect is particularly praise, and the shoe hole looks good, the color is no color, easy to help you change the air, even exercise can make you more comfortable.

    Casual shoes white shoes

    A windy Korean college white shoes, very popular with MM who like, fresh and retro, cushioning heel, non-slip rubber soles.

    Street shooting white shoes female

    Fall autumn valiant autumn, is a good time to go out to play, see the leaves of the mountain, there are models, comfortable breathable, more fit.

    nike clearance store Street shooting white shoes female

    There are models of models, comfortable breathable, more fit. Not worn, elegant appearance.

    2017-11-16 09:45:06
  • Five autumn and winter essential shoes, Come see you are ready yet
    NO.1 sunshine vitality nike free kobe 11 run white shoes

    Small white shoes super wild wearing real-click have said many times, air max almost all clothing can match each time, and white shoes can nike clearance store wear from spring to winter, black nike shoes all-weather nike clearance nike free ah.

    Small white shoes with jeans, nike air max sale this is the most classic and most nike air nikes on sale max cheap nike sneakers not easy to make a mistake. Choose 9 points out of ankle jeans with white lebron james shoes shoes, not only easy to travel, leisure and van. Wide leg pants with white shoes This combination should pay attention to adjust the nike free 5.0 proportion of the whole body, the best upper body to wear a jacket or plug the clothes inside, take the belt division ratio is also very clever way. Our superhero Paolo Karlie nike discount store kloss really likes this nike factory store combination.

    cheap nike shoes Feel dress with white shoes is not only very stylish, as nike store well as the role of reduced age, dating or shopping when the United States and comfort can take into account. Like Miranda Keer so beautiful ~ Autumn also can add cheap nike running shoes coat ~

    NO.2 stylish comfortable Carrefour shoes

    Love cheap lebron 13 nike air max shoes is also very nike shoes for sale suitable for a pair of autumn shoes, taking into account comfort and fashion as a whole. White Tee and white nike running shoes shirt with Carrefour shoes is also very nike shoes men all black nike shoes flavor. Print dress with Carrefour shoes, nike air max women elegant and beautiful nike shoes sale discount nike shoes ~

    Cardigan long cardigan is definitely the highlight of the autumn finale ~ Ni cheap nikes Ni lebron 14 with a knit cardigan to take nike sale the cheap nike shoes shirt dress, college girls full of temperament ~ with Love shoes also added a lot of retro feeling.

    NO.3 handsome cool boots

    Most girls with short boots can easily hold the new nike shoes living, but it is also nike shoes on sale cool with the winter treasures. Whether it is with nike shox pants or dresses are good to take off, stylish plus points, see our interpretation of the gold sister, remember nike shop the nike sneakers color nike shox clearance of boots can cheap nike basketball shoes be echoes and costumes. Bright leather boots Super handsome, walking in the street is absolutely black and white nikes eye-catching. In recent years, hot velvet boots, kobe shoes air max 90 retro and mysterious, Xiao Sin have to start it? Feel this year is still a big hot Oh.

    NO.4 charming red high heels

    A nike shoes pair of red high heels, bright colors, warm and charming feeling. nike outlet online Red high heels can nike outlet store always light your body shape, stand nike trainers out in the relatively boring autumn and nike outlet winter style.

    NO.5 nike factory outlet sexy soft boots

    Boots are really very good-looking, autumn and winter wear boots and then the proper dew, sexy and moving. Sweaters and boots can definitely make you stand out in the crowd. The combination of boots and trousers is a test of leg type, really good fashion is stylish and ah.

    2017-11-14 09:48:37
  • Package hip skirt with what shoes look better these ways you can try
    High waist irregular hem half skirt + bright cloth high heels

    This a package hip skirt is used on the width and width of the narrow version, making the skirt can well highlight the hip curve. At the same time, high-waist design can also cover the waist fat, not only was thin and particularly high. Package hem skirt hem, the use of irregular lotus-shaped, as a whole to add a sense of three-dimensional and sexy wind.

    This pair of glittering high heels it uses a shiny cloth design, put on not only comfortable foot, but also particularly eye-catching. Fine with the design so that shoes can be well modified foot and calf curve.

    Black elastic bag hip Lotus skirt + red pointed high heels

    That black waist lotus skirt package skirt special self-cultivation. So after wearing not only thin but also slim, but it's more sexy flounced design adds flavor.

    nike clearance store This pair of red buckle high heels, the color is particularly beautiful. Coupled with a black above this lotus leaf package hip skirt, especially to bring temperament. Red high-heeled shoes small and exquisite and charming, both sides are hollow style, can better change the body nike clearance store proportions, lengthen the visual effects. In particular, significant significant significant thin leg length.

    Temperament cross lotus leaf package hip skirt + suede simple thin heel shoes

    Skirt is a tall waist was thin version, the length just in the knee, through the lotus leaf embellishment looks special like a fairy tale mermaid. The entire skirt uses a cross design, making the skirt look full three-dimensional, and more stylish.

    Shoes are particularly simple and classic suede shoes, in its upper does not add any extra decoration and embellishment, looks very low key. Exquisite upper and classic suede makes the whole pair of shoes look very elegant elegance temperament. Coupled with this on top of this elegant lotus leaf package hip dress can bring out nike air max a woman's charming and sexy.

    2017-11-09 09:46:37
  • Flared pants with what shoes to make you wear temperament
  • Winter fashion, a woman will have a few pairs, how many do you have?
  • Within the shoe nike clearance matching cheap nike shoes method, the same coat can look good times
  • Autumn cheap nike basketball shoes and winter must have three pairs of cheap nikes shoes, with all your autumn and winter clothes
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