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  • "Wide leg pants" how to match the skills of shoes is important!
    Many girls are particularly fond of wearing wide leg pants, different people like different ways to wear. This article today to introduce several life by everyone like and receive the way air max 90 to wear. Including casual style, comfortable style, workplace style.

    Summer came, more and more girls began to put on wide leg pants. The choice of wide leg pants because of wide leg pants loose breathable, unlike tight jeans so close to the body leading to poor ventilation, sweating sticky paste on the skin, very uncomfortable. In addition, wide leg pants also have a good match. Whether it is the workplace style or life in the leisure and comfortable style, can be easily controlled by a wide leg pants. That in the end how to match with it? Let's take a closer look.

    1. Wide leg pants with a pair of flat shoes

    Flat shoes, usually students and young girls love. Not only in line with the young people's sports style, and wear is also very comfortable, suitable for casual wear in daily life. In fact, it is also very simple, a cotton short-sleeved, with a fabric of nine points wide leg pants, coupled with a pair of flat shoes, looks full of energetic.

    2. Wide leg pants with a pair of lace shoes

    Lace shoes is indeed a wild single product. No matter what season, what occasion, you can use lace shoes to solve the problem, especially for those who choose phobia girls.

    nike clearance store In the spring and autumn nike factory outlet season, with nine points or seven points wide leg pants with a pair of lace shoes, upper body wearing a short dress can be, that can be very handsome, but also very playful. In the winter, if you want to wear wide leg pants, you can wear a day close to the warm leggings, and then wore a dark series of wide leg pants, coat can be short paragraph cotton clothes, foot a pair of shoes. This look will be very stylish.

    3. Wide leg pants with a pair of professional high heels

    How can the workplace be less? Choose a drape strong, straight lines wide leg pants, shirt with the same style of clothes, put on a pair of professional high heels, do not speak, light stood to feel a strong gas field.

    2017-07-24 10:42:10
  • POLO shirt with shoes and pants
    As a summer must be a single product, POLO shirt neither T-shirt as free, nor as serious as the shirt. Summer in addition to dress fresh, but also wearing a type. How will a simple POLO shirt wear out the taste of men?

    POLO shirt for sports can also be very tide. POLO shirt was originally originated in the aristocratic movement ah. A simple POLO shirt with a sports pants, plus a sports shoes, sunny men is you.

    White POLO shirt is really with the omnipotent single product, with a white casual pants can make the whole person looks fresh and clean. This match can avoid wearing old-fashioned middle-aged men feel. While the shoes can choose canvas shoes or shoes.

    This is a good understanding of it, that is, wearing a more casual, but not casual Oh POLO shirt with jeans or casual pants are very nice, nike sale so with the upper body people look more capable, with a canvas shoes can go out.

    Do not like solid color, want some prominent style, then choose a badge of it Characteristics of the micro-chapter, beautiful fashion. Small a badge, there will be no sense of overwhelming, so you wear a while at the same time can be a little small work.

    cheap nike shoes With the POLO shirt, we must choose a suitable pants, jeans, of course, is the first choice. This section contains 82.5% cotton, comfortable skin-friendly, wear-resistant anti-wrinkle; straight trousers, uniform modification of the legs; after the three-dimensional design of the pocket, highlighting the buttocks curve, stretching leg lines; fine pressure line ingenuity craft, quality.

    POLO shirt to take jeans, and then with a hurry canvas shoes, youth atmosphere instantly ignited. Adhering to the fashion sense of street, simple craft for this shoe to add the nike shoes men general wild uninhibited style, non-slip wear, durable, is your essential choice to go out.

    POLO shirt look good wild, it is important to hold a lot of occasions. It can be in casual wear, but a little formal occasions can also be able to control.

    2017-07-20 10:35:24
  • You are already beautiful, but you still lack a pair of "shoes"
    "Feet are not suitable for shoes only know", a pair of beautiful and delicate feet nike air max to a pair of crystal shoes to match. A pair of comfortable fashion shoes, you can make it easy in this summer pocketed rate. A pair of beautiful feet with a pair of elegant sandals, not only let us feel cool and comfortable summer, and will let you instant temperament upgrade.

    nike outlet online One word high heel sandals

    Fashionable sandals can wear the feeling of Snow White, a pair of beautiful enough to a pair of beautiful shoes to set off, this shoe with a silver word buckle design, highlighting the aristocratic touch, heel Department of soft lace let you wear Will not feel grinding feet, with dress or skirt more easily wear out the beauty of fantasy nike sale feeling, this one word buckle sandals, from all aspects are undoubtedly the best choice for your summer.

    New open toe sandals

    Belt of the upper but has a rare beauty, lace design is full of the goddess of temperament, the overall design from the visual to enhance the beauty, so that your big legs more obvious, any occasion will bring you a lot of attention. This sandals, whether from the material or design, make your overall mix with a sense of style, easy to promote your body advantage. Let's be with you for a summer

    Summer flat sandals

    A flat or slope with the shoes so that we walk without any pressure, the soles of the soft material, let us regardless of shopping or travel are undoubtedly the best choice, heel design so that every step is like a massage, not only So that the soles of the feet can also prevent sweating, there is such a sandals, nike outlet accompany you around the ends of the earth are not tired Oh

    2017-07-19 10:39:36
  • 2017 the most popular sports shoes, so with fashion before
    More and more people like to wear flat shoes than high heels, flat shoes comfortable so many people whom admire. Some with, flat shoes than high heels also praise, 2017 the most popular sports shoes, teach you like this fashion sense of bursting.

    The popularity of small white shoes is not only in this year, many years ago, small white shoes began to become nikes on sale the hands of the rare style, called the classic in the classic. Small white shoes of the wild skill that do not say that we can understand that you can with all the single product, the perfect blend of style, contract all with the status of the fashion circle so far no one can shake.

    Small white shoes brother, a pair of slightly dirty white shoes, but also gradually came to the front of the fashion, it is estimated that the use of pure white shoes want to change the taste of it

    So that the dirty little white shoes have another kind of uninhibited beauty, like a child is the same, let people love and hate, if you think this summer, walking on a small white shoes will make people feel mediocre, then put this Double hair slightly dirty white shoes it. Is also able to match all your match.

    The opposite of the small white shoes is a small black shoes. Solid color of things, especially black and white two colors of a single product, are relatively wild, nike sale and that white shoes represent the pure, that little black shoes on behalf of the melancholy. So melancholy black can make their own shape more personality charm.

    Want to bid farewell to the image of silly white, you need a pair of small black shoes is enough, came the big brother of the Fan children to come, and the black also has a certain thin role.

    As well as the pink color of the shoes, with the girl's sister can try to try, this sports shoes pink matte finish, it is the feeling of a princess dream. Pink shoes are generally used with jeans and simple T-shirt is beautiful.

    See this cherry pink, hidden in the hearts of girls heart burst! A lot of pink-based design of the shoes, uppers are very clean, no other colors doping in them. 60 degrees zero corner of a pink people put it down.

    nike outlet store This summer, the blue shoes is also a good choice, very fresh color, with this season is to ride, to see the color of the mood instantly comfortable a lot, beautiful color but not too much publicity, very suitable for playing with the collision air max color With other colors of the single product mix and match. Blue shoes with blue jeans is also good-looking.

    2017-07-18 10:28:49
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