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How to wear zhaoxing dating? So take the beautiful and worry
Skirt + pointed shoes

Each woman's wardrobe is covered with a wide variety of skirts, belly sweet pleated skirt and elegant sultry pencil skirt, or temperament was thin speaker skirt, as well as to attract the eye design section skirt Let you in a variety of styles between air max 90 the random switch, these skirts with pointed shoes to wear, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of harmony, but also take into account the choice of pointed shoes style Oh. Pink tip shoes, absolutely with the most suitable partner skirt, not only will show legs white, but also look very slender legs. When the most fashionable pointed shoes and skirts combined together, afraid of no return rate?

Dress + jeans + hollow sandals

Summer, how can we get a romantic dress? But this year is more than a dress to take jeans so interesting "conservative wear", let me not tell you Oh, nice and personality. What kind of dress should the shoes look good? In fact, with a pair of hollow sandals to wear, add enough fashion index.

discount nike shoes Shirt + jeans + shallow mouth shoes

Careful shirt mix and match with the free and easy jeans, plus a variety of anti-wear halter style, breaking the shirt of the original formal, more than a lot of personalized street sense. The jeans with shallow mouth shoes, LOOK for the body to add a sense of shape at the same time, also injected a little personality uninhibited unique feminine. Moreover, shallow shoes, wear for a long time, take too many roads will not be tired, especially for Valentine's Day shopping, travel, nice and with the nature.

Dress + cat heels / heels

Speaking of temperament, what is more than a dress more temperament and grace it? So, what dress should the dress take? In fact, regardless of dark, light-colored dress ride, with a pair of pink cat with heels or thick with a pair of sandals can be, at the same time, fashion can not lose points!

Shoes, you can see a woman's taste. Tanabata Festival do not know what shoes with the crush of cheap nike sneakers the clothes, may wish to try Xiaobian above with the recommended Oh, to ensure that walking on the road will be praised a wave of people!