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How does the winter match the shoes?
Winter girls most often wear, of course, boots, but the boots are divided into many kinds, such as boots, and ankle boots, boots, high boots and knee high boots

The length of the boots is generally below the ankle, giving a clean and experienced experience, boots generally suitable for light Mature or OL wind girl, this boots and leggings or ankle nike air max sale 9 points pants friends Wide leg pants are the most fashionable. But for the cold weather, it is not recommended to reveal the ankle Oh, or easy to rheumatoid bone pain.

And ankle boots is the boots of the barrel to the ankle, each wearing an ankle boots and women can wear clothing with different feelings and fashion, but also a woman's best friend, spring and autumn can see its shadow, and ankle Boots are suitable and shorts or MINI skirt with, if the legs are not long, we should pay attention to stockings or pants and shoes to the unity of color.

Match and ankle boots the biggest point is that either the thighs all exposed, or all the thighs and shoes into the same or similar to the color.

cheap nike running shoes Can only say that the boots are very elegant legs, wearing a good domineering, wear bad only spicy eyes, the length of the boots must be slightly higher than or equal to the thickest position of the calf, Belly is still a good choice, it is recommended not to modify too much, just like.

Knee boots are boots over the knee, to the thigh, is the longest inside a kind of boots. Many people are not easy to try, legs and legs are not enough fine sister is completely dare not think, but in fact, if you take tight skirt or shorts, you can create a beautiful shape, but the most important thing is, must buy Ok, do not be air max 90 cheap to buy slag cortex, or you will certainly regret it ~