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Cowboy wide leg pants, with these 2 pairs of shoes casual and nice!
Like a denim wide leg pants this single product is simply not going out of style throughout the nikes on sale year, and this year's jeans are the most popular wide leg pants, fashion circle many stars, street shooting can see it in the figure, then wear What are the shoes for denim wide leg pants? Choose this and 2 pairs of casual and good-looking!

LOOK1: White sneakers

This year's denim wide leg pants are very popular! Classic and yet stylish, this seven-eighth-length cowboy wide leg pants, fringed embellishment at the trousers, sincere personality has wood? High waist design, wear not only cleverly lengthened the leg lines, but also high, loose pants type, Tibetan meat to achieve a second, simply with a pair of white sports shoes is very casual and good-looking, the top can choose such a t-shirt .

The light-colored denim wide-leg pants are better than the dark ones. Anyway, I think so. At first glance the trousers style is relatively simple, but the trousers are cut open and instantly improved. Is the popularity of trousers not the most popular this year? Nine-point length, plus a loose version of the model, what kind of legs can be controlled, the foot is still the choice of such a pair of white sports shoes with just fine, really good-looking leisure.

For legs with imperfect sister paper, wide leg pants is the preferred single product, I personally love this classic cowboy wide leg pants, denim fabric, but also with some small handsome, pants style is very simple , but it is wild, the same length is still nine points, specializes in all kinds of small short legs, crisp and loose pants type, put on a thin effect is very good, with white sports shoes + fake two stripe short sleeve t, A set of outfits really trendy and outstanding!

LOOK2: With canvas shoes

How hot is the denim wide leg pants? Many sisters are wearing paper this year, but you can imagine this fiery degree, especially the length of the nine points, it is a lot of ring powder, simple and yet elegant style, fringed trousers processing even more fashionable atmosphere, loose version type , Tibetan meat + was thin! With a pair of black and white mixed-color canvas shoes, comfortable and more casual, shirt can choose a variety of t-shirts, shirts and so on.

The effect of age-reduction is very good with a cowboy suspenders wide leg pants, sincerely, those who wear are all tender and have a high waist style. The trousers seam design, full of personality, loose pants type, do not pick leg type wear , Still choose a cheap nike sneakers pair of black and white mixed-color canvas shoes at the foot, casual look good, upper body with a white t is very fashionable ~

Small tips: like to wear jeans and wide leg pants sister paper, remember to select when the selection of pants type, there is a simple style, with the tops to avoid too fancy, to remember the simple style is never When, never go wrong

cheap nikes Well, so many of this year's popular denim wide leg pants, do you like it? With these 2 pairs of shoes to wear the best look casual!