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Casual pants with what shoes look good? Men's casual pants with shoes guide
Casual pants should match what shoes? Compared to the formal suits pants, sports pants lazy decadence, leisure pants utilization to do more, regardless of work trip are suitable. Men's casual pants how to wear more fashionable decent? Follow Xiaobian together to see about men's casual pants wear skills, you can easily put on casual pants.

Dark casual pants + white T-shirt / shirt + single shoes

Black or blue-colored brunette men's casual pants with white t-shirt or shirt is the most classic combination of shoes, you can match with the trousers similar to the color of the canvas shoes, pants to the length of the ankle prevail, matched A pair of sunglasses, handsome and casual, street fashion small meat are so wear.

Camel casual pants + striped shirt / sweater + sneakers

Camel casual pants with black and white striped shirt or sweater are good-looking, matched with sports shoes or canvas shoes is very refined, this body wearing a relatively casual and warm, not so formal handsome, but the leisure degree only increased, Uncle out of the street dress up.

nike air max Light casual pants + white shirt + dark suit jacket + dark leather shoes

White or nude casual pants with a white shirt and dark suit jacket will appear very gentleman, matched with dark leather shoes or matte shoes are suitable for business people to wear daily, no trousers that kind of cautious, and no cowboy So casual, wild casual pants is so suitable for any occasion needs.

Color casual pants + personalized shirt / sweater + bright sandals / sports shoes

With the hit color elements of the popular, many young people love different combinations of colors, highlighting their own personality, men's casual pants hit the color with of course also become part of the vitality of youth. These two wearing wear are representative of the color, blue casual pants with printed shirt and red matte shoes, orange-red casual pants with gray sweater and fluorescent shoes with yellow, color contrast is very strong, men's casual pants also released A strong sense of fashion, whether it is shopping or travel, are very suitable for oh.

Straight Casual Pants + English Short Boots

Slim straight casual trousers can come out of the men's body, the casual style of the long pants to a British nike shox clearance taste full of shoes, gives a concise impression, exudes a noble connotation.

Small cowboy casual pants + sports shoes

Want to wear a small young fashion fashion children, small feet denim casual pants and sports wear shoes wear essential. Small feet cowboy casual trousers small volume, coupled with the tide of the Wansi shoes, the overall style is very Fan, handsome.

Feet footwear + sports running shoes

Pro who have not found the moment the small meat are like sports tide, men's casual pants with what shoes? Sports running shoes is one of the good choice. As the figure in the sports leisure to wear foot pad wearing a new balun running shoes, sports and leisure correct.

Casual trousers + low to help sports shoes

Casual trousers and business casual pants kobe shoes slightly different, both compared to business casual pants will be more formal. Now the leisure trousers gradually into the fashion of the big tide, this type of male casual pants with what shoes? Retro running shoes, trend board shoes, a pedal or Lok Fu shoes are to refuse, great with.

Business casual pants + business casual shoes

Business casual pants style in the leisure and business, how to reconcile the good position is not on top of the mix of shoes recommended business casual shoes, the same style, the overall coordination, whether in entertainment or business negotiations can Give others a pleasant and without losing the meaning of the gas field.