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Boots with what pants look good
In the autumn and winter, fashion and temperature of the shoe is bound to nike shop never a boots, different from the boots on the height and leg type of high demand, all the boots are suitable for wear boots. Short boots can show the elegance of women can also highlight the handsome neat, become a lot of girls in the shoe necessities. What kind of pants look good with the boots? The following boots with skills, make you a street

Boots with tight pencil pants

Boots with look: jacquard coat + shirt + pencil pants + boots

Trousers into the boots is very important This is the supermodel favorite with the law, usually wearing this type of tight legs in the tight trousers, be sure to put the trousers into the boots, so that both can stretch your lower body lines, But also in the visual weakened the lack of leg type, the effect of the cable so that the whole person can look thinner. In particular, this boots more loose boots, and tight pants pants to form a contrast effect, compared to look more thin legs. This way to wear can also create a different style.

Boots with retro jeans

Boots with look: locomotive jacket + printed T-shirt + retro jeans + boots

Wearing a nostalgic sense of the most fashionable, pants loose, with slightly higher waist, this pair of jeans with casual casual boots, creating a retro and handsome fashion look. Both the taste of the chronology and popular among them, this wear can be Tomboy style and urban feminine beauty perfect mix.

Boots with seven wide leg pants

Boots with look: coat + knit suit + boots

Chic handsome also warm, this is a very workplace Lady's autumn and winter shape. Camel and white cheap nike sneakers is a noble combination of color, white pointed ankle boots echo the whole body to become the crowning touch. Appropriate dew to the whole style of fashion to rise a level. For the whole look to bring a sense of jump. In the work to wear wonderful and decent, with this with the law! The two together, the gas field is enough and chic, both the style can be thin.

Boots with cowboy bang pants

Shorts with a look: a small suit + exposed umbilical T-shirt + denim bell-bottoms + boots

This season the most can not miss the 70s modeling cowboy bellows, nostalgic and trendy, toe slightly pointed boots can be dressed as a hippie, square boots are more retro, no matter how, Song Qian this mix makes you look delicious. Even if the coat is very "formal", dark blue long bell pants can be elegant, wear to the office enough to pick and not out of date.

Boots with pants

Boots with look: windbreaker + striped shirt + conical trousers + boots

cheap nike air max Pants long just the most important. Fashionable boots and pants with a very chic, the length just right is very important in the boots on a few centimeters, just reveal some of the ankle skin, sexy and out of the challenge. Gas field full of windbreaker nike running shoes look, with a pair of short boots with a pair of trousers to match with a good fit. Modified legs also warm loose uninhibited trousers, is the most modified legs of the best single product. And boots with a type of warm, you loose in the trousers hidden in what shoes, no one can see.