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5 kinds of shoes with: no ankle still "was significantly higher"
Over knee boots

With just over pp sweater skirt, to the leg enough space. Pink faux fur vest, with pure white, comes with pink soft focus effect, fresh and refined. In addition to white facecoat modified nike shoes for sale face, but also to stretch the overall height than yo.

Black knee boots + primer socks, seamless seamless integration, in addition to stretching the leg lines, but also real thinner. With a rivet jacket, handsome rock girl is you. Knee boots + high waist line, the most beautiful long legs fine is you do not ignore the importance of waistline, short skirts, shorts plus a pair of light leg artifact easily get big legs.

Sneakers + socks

Xianqi full and cold and cute white Parker coat, because of a jumping red striped sweater, become leisure and vitality once become. Coupled with a pair of sneakers and socks, it is youth.

Coat + sneakers, this chic and comfortable with, warm without losing grace. Little sister coat more details, with a pair of light savings shoes to better balance the complicated details of the design. Light purple socks to enhance the fashion, warm and embellish the overall match.

Martin boots

nike clearance Supermodel standard Martin boots + jeans, you can copy the same. Black with the same color nike shoes men within the ride, extension effect is good, the body more slender. Red guidi zipper Martin boots echoes with the aviator jacket, zipper design is not only stylish, upper and lower opening adjustment can choose more suitable for your point of view.

Martin boots with short jacket, better reflect the tough and handsome Martin boots, but also more leg length. Cute soft adorable Teddy bear coat has a hint of cool boyish.

Socks boots, narrow mouth boots

Fringed denim wide-leg pants, a loose version with a bottoming socks is not fat, the length of eight points just reveal the most slender ankle, a pair of tight wrapped ankle socks, highlighting the slender ankle, as if all black nike shoes to give My wife is so small, both my mother and daughter feel. Blue jeans and light blue faux fur coat complement each other, casual with the cowboy to neutralize the gorgeous fur.

Today saw so many ankle, still trendy and nice mix, you also quickly try.

Beautiful premise must be based on a healthy body, want to wear anything good-looking, then lose weight, fitness; want a smooth white skin, good sunscreen, go to bed early and get up early.