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2017 winter boots with ~
White booties

The omnipotent white shoes let him take a rest in winter, put on a pair of winter white boots to concave shape, white shoes can bring the overall bright spot, to achieve the overall effect of volume, white boots clean and tidy, no Too many fancy things, the leg type requirements are not high, suitable for beats earbuds the general public.

Velvet booties

The premium sense of velvet boots is born, fashion essentials people eye-catching a single product, just a pair of street can take fashion with large, relative to other colors velvet wine is the most advanced sense. The actual match also depends on the overall color of the clothes with oh ~

Metal paint short boots

Gold and silver (gray) metallic paint boots is the highest frequency, a pair of metallic paint boots absolutely become the crowd that most eye-catching, down jacket and shoes echoes, star influx of people beats solo are all for it to play Call!

Print boots

Printed boots more retro feel, very Chinese beats headphones style elements, in the evolution of the era continue to add popular elements, easy to wear big sense of the general attendance girlfriends gathering or formal pary can bring their own luxury taste, to win the favor of others.

Socks boots

The so-called socks is the same boots look like socks, tight package in the more soft and comfortable feet and neck. At the same time can also modify the calf, if your calf is relatively thick, it is recommended to choose a little loose socks. Dark green, blue dark color can replace black socks boots ~ will look even more advanced, do not choose colorful socks, like wearing colorful socks running around the same.

Brown boots

Brown boots is also a can not miss a pair of boots, with trousers or jeans can be more a sense of just-in-time fashion, handsome and full of charm.

Wild universal black boots

nike clearance Although more than the quick update boots again, and then stylish or can not resist the charm of classic black boots, every year is a wave of retro style, black boots are still the trend, with a more simple and not easy to go wrong! Has the charm of an era, you can choose a different style, stylish love it!

If you feel short legs are not suitable to wear short boots, then choose the most conservative black pants + pointed boots, pointed shoes and a unified visual sense of color so that you easily have long legs Oh ~