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1 pair of shoes with 7 kinds of shoes, so you do not like the United States a week!
Become more and more people nike clearance choose a single product standards, and measure the standard the most effective way is to see if it is good to take, if you buy a pair of shoes, do not know how to take, then I buy it why? Today to introduce a pair of shoes with 7 kinds of shoes, so you do not like a week, and the United States and new.

The word sandals

Everyone loves the summer single product, not only can be very good to stretch your legs long, minimalist and texture style is more charming. The word sandals from the high can be divided into flat, low-heeled and high-heeled, but also coarse with, fine with the points. Because the upper only one word with the design, so when the match is very easy, no matter what style can digest.

NO.1 word sandals & jeans

This group is not only with a high degree of fashion, but also very suitable for everyday wear, no exaggeration. And cowboy pants together not only feminine, but also very neat. And cowboy wide leg pants together more chic, more gas field.

NO.2 word sandals & short skirt

Short skirt taste and a sense of the word sandals can enhance a lot of breath. High waist short skirt, can stretch the legs lines, to create a large long leg of the visual effects. With a very easy, a basic section T or vest on it.

nike outlet NO.3 word sandals & wide leg pants

The word sandals minimalist temperament and wide leg pants fresh feeling is very suitable, can instantly enhance the whole person's refined spirit children. This classic and engaging combination is ideal for commuting. Holiday is also so easy!

NO.4 word sandals & long paragraph dress

The same is a must for women a single product, wear together, of course, doubled the degree of fashion, but also modified body defects. Casual wind dress with a word sandals, lazy and with the nature. Perspective dress and a word sandals, ask you enough not enough hot.

NO.5 word sandals & short paragraph dress

Minimalist and sexy short paragraph dress, and the word sandals together have a neat feminine, very charming. Short dress and a word sandals are exposed just right, to create long legs is very simple. Close the short paragraph dress with the basic section of the word sandals, hot more than a little bit.

NO.6 word sandals & Siamese pants

Probably because both are minimalist cut, temperament neat, so particularly appropriate. Siamese pants of the gas field is strong, can only take the more classic shoes is not unexpected. Choose the same color Siamese pants and a word sandals, more likely to elongate a sense of vision, look overall slender.

NO.7 word sandals & long skirt

How does the gas field wear? Of course, is a long skirt with a word nike shop sandals, it can be said is very atmospheric. Want to be more eye-catching, you can try to match the color.